Murphy's Pigs

Date: Saturday 18 January 2020 at 3:00 PM
Venue: Ballarat Civic Hall , Ballarat , VIC
Tickets from: Venue
Genre: Celtic

Part of the Organs of the Ballarat Gold Fields Festival.

About Murphy's Pigs

A big band, a big sound and almost 50 metres of suit fabric. This is the award-winning, Celtic-rock band that the World Health Organisation is warning everyone about. Throw caution to the wind and set forth on a musical journey through the lands of the Celts as Murphy's Pigs drag you headfirst into their world of rugged mountains, stormy oceans, fearsome battles, unrequited love and a drop or two of the whiskey. Mildly humorous onstage banter, an insane number of instruments and robust, manly voices unite to create an experience that will, unfortunately, be seared into your memory long after the night is over. Boisterous chorus songs and lilting ballads compel the tone deaf to sing fervently while spirited jigs, reels and hornpipes spur the uncoordinated out onto the dance floor. One minute you’re crying into your beer, the next minute you’re pouring it over your head with an exuberant cheer. If you like singing your heart out, stamping your feet, dancing like a loon or simply wallowing in guilt-free revelry, then this is one journey* you will want to take. (*Journeys sold separately. Batteries not included)