Hillbilly Goats
Winton Way Out West Festival

Date: Tuesday 6 April 2021 at 2:00 PM
Venue: Winton Way Out West Festival , Winton , QLD
Tickets from: Venue
Genre: Country

About Hillbilly Goats

Festival favourites and Golden Guitar finalists The Hillbilly Goats return to Tamworth this year for three shows only! 2018 was a busy year following the release of Old Jack’s Bones and saw the Goats travel the album extensively, even presenting it to New Zealand crowds. These guys aren’t just a band – they’re a show featuring stories and song combined with hard fiddle, fast harmonica, clogging, bones and big harmonies. Drawing influence from old-time traditional folk tunes, the Hillbilly Goats are like no other band you’ve seen. Their passion lies in the history of the music that was created by immigrants and they love to seek out stories of songs almost forgotten and bring them back to life with boundless energy. Each band member is their own character to love and you'll see Goat Girl running through the crowd rattling the bones, Goat Boy playing three instruments at once - drums with his feet, banjo in hand and harmonica on a brace, and the Goat Buster has legs that kick all the way to the sky (whilst playing fiddle flat out) ... Kick yer shoes off, put yer hoe down and hang on to yer britches!